Intuitive coaching conversation;
This consists of talking and sensing, without any stress on physical contact or energy transfer. A clarifying conversation.more

Insight text (inspired writing);
after an initial meeting, by personal encounter or a conversation (by phone, Skype or email). I empathize with your situation or theme in which you search for clarity and guidance. I write, 'note' down a text with the help of my guides, that I can send you by email.more

Intuitive massage;
with or without clothes, just what fits in the meeting and what feel good for you and surfaces. In this meeting the transfer of energy is key, with less use of words, if any.more

Tantric meeting;
in this meeting, sexuality will not be excluded anymore, but consciously integrated in the meeting
and massage.more

4-hands tantric massage;
Together with my partner in love Evelien, we give joint 4 hands massages. This is pure transmission of love and attention, in which healing may find its natural place as well.
This is also possible together with your love partner, or with someone you would like to experience this with.more


Coming out with this story, to bring this inner reality to the outside, is a big step for me. Much of my 'knowledge', experience, talent and possibilities I have kept inboard, for quite long. I lived my own life en shared only fragments of it with the world, or just one side of it. Now it is time to bring my deeper dimension outwards. To be visible and share it with others. Whom it appeals to or attracts is welcome. Not only for friends, family or beloved's alone. It has become my occupation, my new mission in life: the sharing of 'my' world. My love, my heart, my insights. Hence this page you are reading: welcome to my website! My portal to the world, to you, and your portal to me. Let us connect in live, in light, in love and wisdom. Let me show you your beautiful dimension. Has this perspective been blurred? No problem, the more is there to be gained and reach for. 

Be welcome!
♥ Louis

I'm Louis Guldemond, 47 years young, and I live with beloved Evelien and daughter of nine in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Now and then, my 18 year old son is there as well with us.
For years I have photographed. Also I produced websites in the early years of the internet. But above all I have written almost all my life, about every day. About the happy and sad times that I met in my life, and that I saw in the world around me. And also and especially as a way to process, contemplate and sense. My guides have been helping me along the way with that for many years. In a dimension next to ours, which we can connect with and we are part of, but so many have lost contact with. We don't learn this at school one could say. and rarely form our parents, and it is not in the newspapers. Hardly ever. For a big part, our world consists of things we think of, things we see, or choose to look at. And is forced upon us through the media. Whether it is per internet, computer, smartphone or TV, or by shouting magazines and newspaper headlines full of advertising. Our attention is constantly asked for. Continuously we are being told what we should take seriously, feel scared or sorry for or should be happy with instead. Often there is a price tag attached to it. An often invisible price is that by following this, we have lost the real attention for and contact with ourselves. Our deeper self, our true very own "I" that we so often disguise and distort for the outside world. Often unconsciously, because we hide him or her for ourselves as well. And consciously; first this or that has to be accomplished, and then... But the 'then' hardly ever comes and lies in the future continuously, so we will never reach her, touch or live it. In the meantime our live passes by in the issues and delusions of the day. Things that emerge from the outside. Our relationships, our children, our parents, our work. Many things and people go first, before it is our turn... And really sense in ourselves what we want, what we are actually capable of.
portret louis guldemond com
My guides help me with the deeper connection in me, the view on the world more truly 'as it is'. They do that for others as well, that are connected to me by our focus of attention. Either my attention for you, or you asking for it so I direct my attention to you. I am the channel by which 'it' may stream. 'It' is insight, loving insight. And wisdom. Deep wisdom. But never more than we want to see or can comprehend. Made to measure one could say; we get what we ask for. What we are ready for. Sometimes a kind hint is included, a little stimulus or remark, but always in loving freedom: a little hand, no more than that. Never forcing or conditional. And if we don't understand or follow; no problem at all. The guides seem patient without end and tune in on our pace. Give us what we are ready for, in the situation in which we are in, or believe to be in. 'Believe', since we have our own view on our reality. We know this. Often form our perspective on others... 'If they would act or decide such or so, then...' Often is solving a problem or situation of others so simple form the other angle or vision. Or, well looked at. there isn't even a problem at all, but more an inherent advantage to be seen. OK, you are fired (drama!). But now you can finally go into that new direction; start a study, or give more attention to your family. You are bankrupt (drama!). But also relieved of that merry-go-round of burdens that you had been fighting with for years. That were costing you your health. Ready for a new start and contemplation. And many times, when has happened that we had been afraid of for a long time, it appears that being afraid was our greatest suffering. And from our new perspective we see new possibilities. Or not, when we cling to our attachment to our drama, our suffering, our negative perception, and value (=giving attention to) that instead.

Many hang in this and are only half aware of it. They don't live their potential in the moment, but give energy instead to keeping 'alive' their past, or a similar projected future. And often such projections become true; you see!
It is time for a breakthrough of this perspective of suffering. I, or better; my guides; the higher wisdom (they call it a 'different' wisdom), that I can connect to, will help us on our way. Am I wise myself? Hm, I don't think so, at least; not always. I have often behaved 'unwise'. Thought, acted and felt from my perceived limitations, instead from the possibilities that were existent also, but I wasn't willing to see or act upon. We live our own reality. Which is not strange or stupid, it is just a fact. Our reality, our perception on live, often is reflected by others and what we attract.

How to reach me?
You can approach me for a coaching session. An introduction to connect and to get insights. To get acquainted, to discover.
I also work by means of physical contact, touch and massage. In this we can go beyond the words and the mind, to enter a dimension that is essential for everyone of us. In this much that is invisible, can be shared and healed.
In addition to my sensitivity in the perception of people, ideas and energies, I can let energies flow through my hands and body, beyond the insights. Directly from or through the heart. This is, by its essence, hard to describe in words. It has to be experienced, lived. For this I have introduction sessions as well.

However a single session can be quite valuable and provide insights, the human being is a creature of habit. New insights and energies need time to realize themselves, to integrate. In this new insights develop, and often also new life situations arise; 'events' that can challenge is anew. And to which we can react in our old and limited ways again. that is why a prolonged guidance of more sessions is a good thing. So things can unfold along the way in time, can get accustomized and run in.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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